It’s been a really tough new year for Go Pro as they have confirmed that they will cut around 300 jobs after a really bad fourth quarter in 2017.

Following this info followed announcements like job cuts and price slashes to the go pro hero6 black by 100 dollars to gain traction in the sales department.

Also the CEO has announced that he will reduce his pay to 1 dollars in 2018. but after all this i think the most attention grabbing news is that they will no longer make drones.

After hearing news about their Karma drones falling out of the sky, which caused a major recall of many models, they announced that it’s impossible to compete with DJI as they release so many great drones, that don’t fall out of the sky.

So if we sum up the major cut for 2018, which should save them around 80 million dollars, we have:

– Go Pro’s global workforce will be reduced from 1,254 employees as of September 30, 2017 to fewer than 1,000 employees worldwide.

– Go Pro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman will reduce his 2018 cash compensation to $1.

– Go Pro will exit the drone market after selling its remaining Karma inventory. Go Pro will continue to provide service and support to Karma customers.

– Go Pro has lowered the price of its premium model, the HERO6 Black, from $499 to $399 as of January 7th.

While this is really bad news for the employees that will love their jobs and their families, this is great news for those who want to buy a go pro for cheap.

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