Chinese camera lens manufacture Meike has announced the new 85mm 1.8 lens for Sony E-mount cameras.

It’s a manual focus only lens, I honestly thought on first impression it was an auto-focus but it’s not. This is not an issue as the Sony cameras have more than capable focus peaking and focus magnification to easily get focus spot on each time.

What is interesting though is that the lens has electronic pins in the back which leads me to believe the even though it’s a manual focus, all exif data will be transferred to the camera body. This is probably the first time I’ve seen a manual focus lens from a Chinese company have exif info sent to the body, impressive.

The lens for those wondering is constructed of nine elements in six groups and features 9 blade aperture. The filter size is 67mm and the field of view is 28.5 degrees.

There are a few samples by clicking here: .

What is not clear is what camera was used to shoot the samples, judging by the pictures and the bokeh, they could easily be a full frame camera.

The lens is currently listed on amazon but the price is not none yet, but make sure to check back once available for full pricing.


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